Q. Are these free classes?

  1.  No. all classes are $399.00 per class per person.

Q. How long are the classes?

  1.  The classes are 4 weeks long.

Q. Are these classes accredited classes?

  1.   No,they are not, but you do receive an acknowledgement certificate for completing the class.

Q. If we quit the class can we be reinstated later?

  1.   No, you canít because we have a waiting list for others to take the class.

Q. Can we be refunded if we change our minds to attend?

  1. Yes, but only half, if it is done after 3 business days following registration but before orientation.

Q. Will taking these classes guarantee employment?

  1.    No, it depends on how well you interview and the hiring manager of each company.

Q. What happens if I miss day of class.

  1.  You will have to make it up on your own time by scheduling a one on-one at $65.00 hr.

Q. Can someone else take my space if I canít?

  1. Yes, but they would have to take the assessment test and pass it and also go through orientation.